Succession season 4 episode 2 ending explained

Apart from smashing the ratings, last week’s season premiere of HBO Max’s hit series gave the Roy kids a chance to stick it up to their father. And while Kendall, Shiv, and Roman basked in their victory, Logan and his team are now assessing the fallout of their loss against the three. We take a look at this Succession season 4 episode 2 ending explained to see what went down this week.

Succession season 4 episode 2 ending explained

In this Succession season 4 episode 2 recap, we see Logan Roy about to make a surprise visit to someone. As this is happening, the Roy kids – Kendall, Shiv, and Roman – are on a retreat with their team inside a lake house to plan how they would operate Pierce Global Media. Shiv steps out for a call and finds out that several all the top attorneys are conflicted out regarding her impending divorce from Tom.

As he’s heading out, Tom receives a call from Greg saying that Logan is on the floor inspecting and walking around ATN’s news desk. Tom goes back to the office and receives another call from Shiv to find out that all the attorneys are conflicted out. She admonishes Tom for making their situation much harder for her. She ends the call by asking Tom to deliver a message to Logan and tells him to stay out of her life.

Upon returning to the office, Greg tells Tom that Logan has been walking around the election news desk and reprimanding people over the little things he didn’t like. Tom approaches the old man just as Cyd Peach arrives. Logan then asks him if he has seen Kerry’s audition tape. He and Cyd are in unison that Kerry seems like a good choice to be an anchor with Logan giving them the freedom to make that decision. Shortly after, Logan tells them both that he’ll speak to the entire workforce about something.

Over in the lake house, the Roy kids watch Kerry’s audition tape and start to roast her. Shiv steps out again to talk to Sandi and tells her that she’s changed her mind about their deal with Mattson. Sandi says that a board meeting will happen the following day but Shiv replies that she’ll talk to her brothers to see if she can make them change their minds. Back inside ATN’s election newsdesk, Tom stands on a makeshift stage to introduce Logan, who then proceeds to say that he’ll be spending more time with them soon. He then hypes everyone up by saying they’re going to do more to bury the opposition and put ATN in the lead.

Stepping out of their retreat, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman find out that they can’t go anywhere as the helicopter they’re using is not authorized to take off anymore. Kendall surmises that Logan has cut off their use of the chopper and their means to get back to the city has been taken.

After his speech, Logan meets with several ATN executives to discuss his involvement. He storms off after one of them suggests that Logan enjoys his old age rather than handling the day-to-day operations of ATN. As this happens, the Roy kids arrive in the city and speak to Sandi on the street. She tells the siblings that they can proceed with the deal and make money or sign up with Sandi with the risk of Logan disinheriting them completely. Shiv speaks to her brothers about the deal but they brush her off right away.

Upon entering Connor’s event, they discover that Willa has left after embarrassing him in front of everyone. The siblings agree to be there for Connor, even as Shiv tries to get everyone to talk about Sandi’s proposal. Over at ATN, Logan speaks to Tom after sending Greg away and asks him about Kerry. The old man reiterates that he has nothing to do with any decision made about Kerry.

Upon arriving at a bar, Connor, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman monitor where Willa is via the former’s phone. Kendall steps out to take Lukas’ call. He then tells Kendall to be smart about their agreement or else he’ll be losing a lot of money in the end.

Tom watches Kerry’s audition tape with Greg and tells him that handling this situation is very delicate. He orders Greg to tell Kerry that she can’t be on television with a specific directive not to involve Logan and him in it. Back in the bar, Kendall shows his siblings the comparables of the company. He then sides with Shiv, much to the surprise of Roman and Kendall. All of a sudden, Roman receives a message from Logan, which bewilders everyone. Roman admits that he greeted Logan on his birthday, which angers his siblings right away. The siblings discover that Roman has been communicating with Logan, something which Shiv sees as a betrayal of their trust. They end their discussion with an agreement to go with Sandi and Stewy’s proposal. After some time, Connor gets angry because he wants to spend time with his family before getting married the next day. In the end, all he wants is to sing one karaoke song.

Greg approaches Kerry and tells her that she’s not fully there as an anchor. Greg fumbles through the conversation, causing Kerry to be angry with him. Kerry storms off with the promise to take Greg apart once she finds out the truth. She goes to Logan and finds out that the kids, Sandi, and Stewy have the numbers to force them out of the deal.

The Roy kids go to a karaoke bar to follow Connor’s lead. Right before one of them can start singing, Willa has deactivated the trace on her phone, causing Connor to worry. Shortly after, Connor tells everyone that Logan is on his way to meet them. Shiv, Roman, and Kendal discover that Connor gave their location to their father, causing the three to panic. Upon arriving, Logan shares that he wanted his kids at his birthday party and was hurt when they got Pierce. He adds that they can proceed with the deal and start over as a family. He apologizes to the kids about what he has done in the past and how has acted recently. Logan implores his children not to ask Mattson for more money as he can walk away if they demand for more. He walks out with Kerry shortly after and sets a meeting with Mattson.

Back in the karaoke bar, Connor leaves the three and admonishes them for wanting so much of their father’s attention. He goes home to find Willa in bed and they make up. For his part, Roman meets with Logan and Tom. He gets invited to meet with Mattson the following day, an offer he accepts. As Tom leaves, Logan shares a drink with his youngest son and offers him a seat at the table on ATN. Roman slightly smirks thinking about the offer as the episode ends.

What just happened? A Succession season 4 episode 2 recap

The latest installment of this hit HBO series focused on Shiv, Roman, and Kendall trying to close their deal with Mattson as Willa walks out on Connor the day before their wedding. As the four spend time together, they mull over the ongoing deal and how their father plays into it. For his part, Logan has taken an active part in how ATN is being run while cleaning his hands from Kerry’s audition as an anchor.

Ultimately, Logan meets with his kids to get them to his side before closing a deal with Mattson in this Succession season 4 episode 2 recap. Shiv and Kendall are happy they get to stick to their dad once again with Connor in disbelief over what is happening. Meanwhile, the episode ends with Roman meeting Logan and getting an offer to join ATN. Stay tuned next week to see how this new development progresses, especially if Shiv and Kendall find out what Roman has been up to.

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