5 shocking moments from WrestleMania 39 caught live on Stache Club Wrestling

WrestleMania 39 is the most successful WrestleMania of all time. WWE announced that the two-night spectacle was the highest-grossing event in the company’s history. 161,892 fans were in attendance at SoFi Stadium over the two nights, and WWE set new records for viewership, gate, sponsorship, merchandise, and social media interaction.

Besides being a commercial success, there were memorable performances and moments across both nights. Fans saw the return of WWE Hall of Famers, champions defending and losing their titles, and witnessed one of the most talked-about main events ever. Both nights of WrestleMania were streamed on the Stache Club Wrestling YouTube channel hosted by Dante Turo and John Eccles. Dante and John reacted to every moment from WrestleMania, and their fans were able to see their reactions live.

Here are the five most shocking WrestleMania 39 moments caught on Stache Club Wrestling’s live stream.

Bianca Belair Retains Raw Women’s Championship

WWE did a phenomenal job of building up both the women’s championship matches. Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte and Bianca Belair vs. Asuka were two of the best matches on both nights. Fans saw Ripley dethrone Charlotte to win the Smackdown Women’s Championship and Bianca Belair defeat Asuka to retain her Raw Women’s Championship.

What’s so shocking about this match is many fans expected Asuka to walk out as the new Raw Women’s Champion. Since her return at the Royal Rumble, she’s been on fire. Her new gimmick has been a massive hit with fans, and many wanted to see her with championship gold around her waist after WrestleMania 39.

In an incredible back-and-forth battle, Belair defeated Asuka to continue her year-long reign as champion. Many fans, including Dante and John, were shocked by this decision. Both Dante and John predicted Asuka would walk out victorious. It’s to be seen what’s next for Asuka, but Bianca Belair’s reign as Raw Women’s Champion doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon.

Logan Paul Puts KSI Through Announce Table

Logan Paul vs. Seth Rollins was one of the more entertaining matches this weekend. Many fans continue to doubt whether Logan Paul belongs in a WWE ring. There shouldn’t be any more doubters after his performance against Seth Rollins. During the match, Logan Paul attempted a frog splash from the top rope onto Seth Rollins, who was lying on the announce table.

At the last second, Seth Rollins moved out of the way and threw KSI on the table instead, causing Paul to land on his friend instead of his opponent. Seth Rollins would throw Paul back into the ring and hit him with a pedigree, only for Paul to kick out at two. It was an insane spot and one of the more memorable moments from the weekend.

John Cena Loses to Austin Theory

The opening match on Night 1 of WrestleMania 39 was very underwhelming. John Cena vs. Austin Theory for the United States Championship failed to meet Dante’s and John’s expectations. Although Dante had predicted that Theory would defeat Cena, the match didn’t make Theory seem like a big deal. John Cena also didn’t look that great in the ring. Maybe that’s because he didn’t want to injure himself or jeopardize future movie roles.

It’s always great seeing John Cena on our televisions, but this match could have been much better. Not many fans expected or wanted Austin Theory to win, but it was the right call. Cena is a part-timer at best, and Theory is on weekly television. The right man won, although the match could have been much better.

Snoop Dogg Has a Match and Defeats The Miz

This match was interesting to say the least. Fans saw the return of Shane McMahon, who came out and challenged The Miz to a match. A few seconds after the bell rang, McMahon went down with an injury. After the event, Triple H announced that McMahon had tore his quad. While everybody was wondering what was happening, Snoop Dogg entered the ring, hit The Miz with a few punches, and landed one of the funniest People’s Elbows you will ever see.

Snoop Dogg would then pin The Miz in one of the most confusing yet entertaining WrestleMania moments ever. We have to give our flowers to Snoop Dogg for pulling an audible and handling this as professionally as possible. He turned a disastrous moment into one of the most memorable moments in WrestleMania history.

Roman Reigns Defeats Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39

Nearly every fan at SoFi Stadium expected Cody Rhodes to walk out of WrestleMania as the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Rhodes returned last year to “finish his story” and win the WWE Championship, the title his father never won. The only issue is that he had to defeat the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Reigns has been at the top of the company for 10+ years, hasn’t taken a pin in over four years, and was closing in on 1000+ days as Universal Champion. After some shenanigans, Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes, making this one of the most shocking moments in WrestleMania history. Fans went crazy about the result on social media, and Dante and John couldn’t believe what they had witnessed.

Those are five of the most shocking moments from WrestleMania 39. WWE never fails to leave fans on the edge of their seats and finds a way to surprise them one way or another. What WrestleMania moments were most shocking to you?

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