Why O’Cyrus Torrence would be perfect fit for Cowboys in 2023 NFL Draft

The Dallas Cowboys own the 26th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. There are many ways this can go, of course, but they do need more depth in their offensive line. Here we’ll look at the reasons why O’Cyrus Torrence would be a perfect fit for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2023 NFL Draft.

The Cowboys’ recent efforts in building their roster have impressed even the toughest critics. Keep in mind that the Cowboys have been more active this time of year than they have been in a very long time. In fact, they have successfully filled most of the major gaps in the team. This would allow them to focus on selecting the best player available during the upcoming draft. Right now, quarterbacks and running backs seem out of the question as the Cowboys are unlikely to draft players in those positions in the first round. Recall that Dak Prescott remains their franchise QB. They’ve also franchise-tagged Tony Pollard.

Meanwhile, Tyler Smith and Terence Steele are their long-term solutions for left and right tackle, respectively. Despite that, one player who could be a great fit for the Cowboys is O’Cyrus Torrence. He is a 6’5 and 347-pound right offensive guard from the University of Florida.

Let’s look at the reasons why O’Cyrus Torrence would be perfect for the Cowboys.

1. Torrence fits with the offensive line

If the team is in search of a boost to their strength on the interior offensive line, O’Cyrus Torrence should be the ideal candidate. Torrence possesses impressive strength and knee flexibility, enabling him to withstand pressure from rushers. He has a quick start off the snap, allowing him to position himself effectively and create openings for running plays. Furthermore, Torrence has excellent blocking abilities and a persistent mentality. This occasionally results in his opponents being knocked to the ground. Notably, Torrence did not receive any penalties in his final college season, unlike Tyler Smith from a year ago.

Considering Torrence’s qualities, he could be an excellent pick to play at left guard alongside Smith for many years to come. Remember that the Cowboys initially drafted Tyler Smith with the intention of having him play inside and eventually taking over the starting left tackle position from Tyron Smith. However, Tyron’s injury caused a change in the plan. Tyler was then immediately thrust into the left tackle position. While Tyron could return to his regular role next season, it is also conceivable that he may not due to financial constraints, performance, or overall health. Given the Cowboys’ frequent changes in the offensive line in recent years, they understand the significance of having a deep roster of offensive linemen.

The Cowboys do have youth in their offensive line. However, selecting Torrence could further reinforce this group of young and promising players.

O’Cyrus Torrence, @BuckyBrooks’ top interior OL, performs the wave drill @GatorsFB | @78_KingBo

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— NFL (@NFL) March 5, 2023

2. Torrence has elite size, athleticism, and power

Torrence’s large size and strength make him stand out on the football field. His body is powerful and massive, with impressive length. This size translates to his strength, which is a significant part of his game. His power capacity is exceptional because of his ability to recover from initial losses. He can redirect momentum, absorb power, and use his grip strength to latch onto and neutralize the opposition.

Despite his size, Torrence is also athletic and has good quickness. However, there are times when he is late getting off the ball and becomes off-balance. Nevertheless, his power, punch, and ability to move quickly to set angle blocks on defenders make up for some of these shortcomings. Additionally, Torrence has never given up a sack in his college career. Now that is quite impressive.

Torrence will be one of the tallest interior offensive linemen in the NFL. While his height might suggest he could play tackle, his arm length may be an issue. Coaches have played him at guard due to this reason. It’s essential for him to maintain proper pad level because defensive linemen will try to get lower and win the leverage battle against him.

3. Torrence is good at BOTH run blocking and pass protection

Torrence’s strong point is run blocking. However, he also demonstrates potential in pass protection. He maintains a wide stance and can quickly readjust his footing to counter inside pass rushers. Torrence uses his feet effectively, with his back foot consistently positioned to absorb the rush. Additionally, he displays the ability to transfer his weight smoothly.

In terms of pass protection, Torrence keeps his head up and remains vigilant. In fact, he has an aggressive approach to providing assistance to his teammates. He has also demonstrated the ability to shift to tackle if necessary due to injuries.

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