New Pokemon TCG Meta – Gardevoir EX and Miraidon EX

We have seen it coming and it is finally here, there is a new Pokemon TCG meta and we have seen endless decks on Pokemon TCG Live utilizing Gardevoir EX and Miraidon EX. If you’re looking for a way to use these decks for yourselves, then look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Pokemon TCG New Cards, New Meta

Our forecast is correct, and yes, we are seeing a ton of Pokemon TCG Live Trainers using the Gardevoir EX and Miraidon EX cards in their decks. If you’re a little bit behind on  how the deck composition is, look no further, we have got your six covered.

First of all, we need to introduce you to the cards that are being used.

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Miraidon EX

Type: Pokemon, Electric
HP: 220
Weakness: Fighting x2
Retreat Cost: Normal Energy x1

Tandem Unit
Description: Once during your turn, you may search your deck for up to 2 Basic Lightning Pokemon and put them onto your Bench. Then, shuffle your deck.

Proton Blaster
Damage: 220
Energy Cost: Electric Energy x2, Normal Energy x1
Description: During your next turn, this Pokemon can’t attack.

Engine Insights:

Miraidon EX is one of the fastest engines that are currently in the meta and it has been a menace to face in Pokemon TCG Live. Even if you choose to go first or second, Miraidon EX can easily turn the tide in the Trainer’s favor. With its ability to literally summon ANY Basic Pokemon to your bench, it can easily knock you out by gathering a bunch of Regielekis and Raikou Vs with only 2 energy required to hit at least 100 damage, enough to kill your basic Pokemon at the start of the match. This easily puts you at a disadvantage as your sets will be messed up and will be difficult to pick up the pace from there.

In the mid-game, Miraidon EX thrives with the use of the Beach Court Stadium to easily get in and out of the Active position to set up for the next attack with either a Raikou V that can dish out 200 damage that can be increased with the use of having Regieleki VMaxs that has the Transistor Ability giving you 30 more damage per Regieleki VMax that you have. Of course, you will also have the option to just use another Miraidon EX or use the Regieleki VMax you have at your disposal.

Of course, other Trainer Cards are just as important. You will be utilizing the Arven Supporter Card that allows you to draw in Electric Generator and possibly the Forest Seal Stone as well. Forest Seal Stone can always get you out in a pinch since this lets you take any card out of the deck but take note that you can only do this once as it consumes your VStar Power. The Electric Generator also gets you out of trouble as it can provide up to two (2) electric energies and have them attached to any of your Pokemon in the mat.

How to Counter:

You, of course, can easily take down the Miraidon EX engine by disabling the Ability that makes it so potent with power. By using a Klefki, you can stop an opponent’s Abilities since it has Mischievous Lock that doesn’t let other Abilities activate. You can also discard the Beach Court Stadium, one of the key cards for the Miraidon EX engine, by replacing it with another Stadium card or utilizing Pokemon cards like Lugia V/VStar that can discard the Stadium easily. Of course, for Lost Zone decks, there is the option to use Lost Vacuum to discard the Stadium Card easily while being able to put cards in the Lost Zone priming for Cramorant or Sableye to attack in the later parts of the game.

Of course, there are other methods to counter the engine that you will find out as you play the game. As they say, “Experience is the best teacher”, so play to your heart’s content.


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Gardevoir EX

Type: Pokemon, Psychic
HP: 310
Weakness: Darkness x2
Resistance: Resistance -30
Retreat Cost: Normal Energy x2

Psy Embrace
Description: As often as you like during your turn, you may attach a basic Psychic energy from your discard pile to one of your Psychic Pokémon. If you do, put 2 damage counters on that Pokémon. (You cannot use this Ability on a Pokémon that would be Knocked Out by this damage.)

Miracle Force
Damage: 190
Energy Cost: Psychic Energy x2, Normal Energy x1
Description: Heal all Special Conditions from this Pokémon.

Engine Insights:

Ah yes, the Gardevoir EX engine. If the Miraidon EX engine was fast in terms of getting more Pokemon primed and placed on the bench, Gardevoir EX is more of an energy engine that can help you speed things up and attack way faster than your opponent. Although the idea is pretty great, there is a setback for the Psy Embrace Ability. This particular Ability lets you take psychic energy from the Discard Pile but it puts 20 damage counter per energy that is being recycled. While it may sound pretty nice, it can bite you back in the six toward the late game.

What makes good out of this engine is that there are numerous other engines that you can pair this with. The most common one that is currently being used is the Banette EX engine which just needs two (2) psychic energies to attack as this relies more on the number of Trainer Cards in your opponent’s hand. Another common engine with the Gardevoir EX engine is the Zacian V card and the Gardevoir card with the Shinning Arcana Ability which gets 30 more damage per psychic energy attached to it. Both are pretty useful in the early game as they can fetch energy cards from the deck with their respective Abilities.

If there was something we think would work on the Gardevoir EX engine, it would probably be the Shadow Rider Calyrex VMax as it utilizes energy cards for its attack. It has the HP to withstand the Psy Embrace setback but it actually needs the energy cards to draw with its Ability, Underworld Door. Regardless of how you will use these two as a combination, proceed with caution as knocking out a VMax will set you back by 3 prize cards to be picked up by your opponent.

In terms of Trainer Cards to utilize for the Gardevoir EX engine, you’ll definitely need to rely on evolving fast with the help of the reprinted Rare Candy cards. Since Gardevoir EX is a stage 2 Pokemon, you’ll need to get these into your hands ASAP or else you’ll be stuck in a rut waiting to get these to your hand. You’ll also need to speed up the process by utilizing Level Ball to get Kirlia and use Refinement to pick up the card drawing pace as well.

How to Counter:

In our totally honest opinion, the Gardevoir EX is quite easy to counter if you are still not used to what should be prioritized in terms of evolving and placements on the mat. If you are up against a Gardevoir EX, all you have to do is to stop it from evolving into that stage 2 nightmare or else you’ll be snowballed by your enemy, knocking out your Pokemon swiftly since energy cards wouldn’t be a problem. It has the Banette EX to support it while setting up the Gardevoir EX so you should also be wary of the danger that is to come from these two attackers. Of course, the threat of being pounded on by Zacian V is also there so you must be on your toes if you go up against this deck.

New Meta, New Fun

Despite the new Pokemon TCG Live meta being shaken up once again, we are bound to see new fun and new combos from creative Pokemon Trainers all around the globe. We’re excited to see where these new cards and new meta will take us in terms of competition. Always remember to enjoy and have fun in the process of course!

For more on the latest updates, news, and events on Pokemon TCG like the new Pokemon TCG Live meta here on ClutchPoints Gaming!

Best of luck, Trainers!

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