Minecraft Legends Review Scores

Minecraft Legends is out in a few days and if you’re still not sold if you’d want to get the game yourself (or maybe your kid is asking you to) we’d be more than happy to share the review scores of the game. In this article, we’ve listed down reviews and ratings of the upcoming Minecraft Legends game to be released on April 18, 2023. Get ready to unite the overworld while discovering the mysteries of Minecraft Legends and lead your allies in heroic battles to defend the Overworld from the destructive piglins.

Minecraft Legends gets Okay review scores

The famous action strategy game got okay scores from various reviews and ratings. While the question of Minecraft Legends being good or if it is worth getting for some folks, these review scores and ratings may be a big help, especially to most people picking up the game. Of course, we think it’s still best to try the game out yourselves and experience it firsthand. With the new adventures that you can do in Minecraft Legends, this can possibly change your mind if you’re still doubting to purchase it for yourself.

EveryEye gave Minecraft Legends a review score and rating of 8 out of 10. “With Minecraft Legends, Mojang has hit the nail on the head again. The attempt to upset a usually complex genre to make it perfectly accessible to gamers of all ages is successful, without giving up a layered gameplay, able to give satisfaction even to those who want to invest time in online modes. Of course, we would have liked some more content at launch and a greater variety regarding both the single-player and online components, but we are confident about post-launch support, usually one of the workhorses of the studio.”

Vandal scores Minecraft Legends a 7.2 out of 10. “Minecraft Legends is another of those spin-offs that take advantage of the Minecraft license using it, in this case, to offer us a game that can be ideal as a gateway to the strategy genre, combining the basis of the RTS with a lot of action in a proposal that at first is fun, although for the most veteran player of the genre loses bellows something fast and lacks some depth. Likewise, we do not believe that the veterans of the RTS are the target audience of Minecraft Legends and at least the one who writes you, a lover of the genre, appreciates that Microsoft, Mojang, and Blackbird Interactive have created a game that can serve to initiate new players or the youngest of the home to this wonderful genre.”

Inverse scored Minecraft Legends a 7 out of 10. “Minecraft Legends looks like a role-playing game on the surface, but it’s more of a strategy game. It doesn’t fall in the same vein as lengthy RPGs, with parties of sword-wielding heroes that you bond with over emotional baggage. Instead, it commands the hero’s attention in real-time to protect villages and destroy piglin bases, something it gives players an impressive array of tools to accomplish. However, it relies on the assumption that the player will feel compelled to continue to the next piglin base or village in crisis based on the sheer enjoyment of the gameplay. While Minecraft Legends satisfies in terms of progression and exploration, the paper-thin plot and lack of incentives left me wanting more from the experience.”

Twinfinite scored Minecraft Legends a 7 out of 10. “Minecraft Legends is a simple, yet effective introduction to the RTS genre for newcomers like myself. While I don’t necessarily see myself sinking a ton of time into the game going forward –primarily because RTS games still aren’t my thing– I do appreciate Mojang’s effort in expanding the Minecraft universe and experimenting with different genres to see how creative they can get with the IP. Slightly janky controls aside, Minecraft Legends is a solid adventure to experience with friends, and it’ll keep you occupied for hours on end. Just don’t go in expecting a ton of single-player content you can enjoy on your own time.”

Gameblog.fr scored Minecraft Legends a 6 out of 10. “There is certainly a quality art direction that honors the original construction game, with its share of landscapes and different biomes, but the game is clearly not made to live the experience solo. We quickly go around the adventure mode and only the PVP is worthy of interest. This spin-off is therefore quite qualitative if you do not know the genre of RTS or if you are an absolute fan of Minecraft. If, on the other hand, you are used to tactics and strategy, you may find the game a little light. To control our troops, for example, it is enough to press a key to attract a maximum of 15 units within a radius of a few meters. Then we order an attack and wait for it to happen. There is obviously no system of coverage or training, perfect for neophytes, too bad for others. Ditto at the level of defense where we are content to erect walls or turrets in a rather chaotic way. The game does not force you to think about your investments and this is also the big negative point of the title. A cruel lack of reflection in the end.”

PCGamer scored Minecraft Legends a 5 out of 10. “I’m reminded of Kingdom Under Fire 2, a particularly bad MMORTS I played several years ago. Despite its many sins, the one thing I found admirable in KOF2 was how it blended Dynasty Warriors style mob-mowing with a pared-down strategy system. I could zoom in for action hotbar combat or zoom out to quickly issue orders to my units across the battlefield. I really wish Minecraft Legends had attempted a strategy command view. Even if the tactical choices remained limited, I might’ve had more fun if giving orders didn’t feel so exhausting.

I haven’t even bothered mentioning the structure upgrading system because there’s not much to it. At the center of the map, I can spend resources to build structures that increase my storage capacity for different materials, marginally increase the number of mobs I can build and lure, and unlock a few areas of effect towers that will freeze or knock back enemies, none of which make the action any more fun or the strategy any cleverer.

Minecraft Legends also includes co-op and PvP, so I dutifully dragged fellow PC Gamer writer Mollie Taylor in for a spot of wrecking Horde of the Bastion fortresses together. Unfortunately, co-op Minecraft Legends only alleviates the game’s issues in the way most co-op does: providing someone else’s company in the midst of monotony. Together we had a slightly tighter leash on our mobs but we were still stuck roleplaying beleaguered preschool teachers, and being a team didn’t alleviate the grievances we both had with the simplistic combat.

The worst part is that Minecraft Legends didn’t have the decency to be an obvious dumpster fire. As a piece of software, I’ve got no complaints; I’ve had no issues with framerate, multiplayer connectivity, bugs, crashes, or control layouts. But it’s a disappointing game. Minecraft’s values of creativity, intrinsic motivation, and player choice didn’t make it into this shallow spinoff.”

Verdict: Minecraft Legends hangs on the balance

While Minecraft Legends still has a little bit more to prove when it comes out on April 18, 2023, Minecraft Legends remains in a precarious position. Our review score for the game is 6.7 out of 10 since we know that it could still improve over time. While there are still some things that can be worked on and improved, we want to give the game a fair score once the game officially comes out in a few days.

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