5 awesome roles Ke Huy Quan must take after winning big at the Oscars

Without a doubt, Ke Huy Quan’s heartfelt win at the Oscars this year is definitely a feel-good moment for everyone. After attaining fame as a child star in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Goonies, Quan disappeared from Hollywood before making a massive comeback in Everything Everywhere All At Once. Now that he’s back on top of the mountain, the Oscar winner for this year’s Best Supporting Actor can pick any role he wants, whether it’s in Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here are five epic roles Ke Huy Quan must consider after his epic return to relevancy.

5 awesome roles Ke Huy Quan must take after winning big at the Oscars

5. A Jedi Master in Star Wars

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to everyone’s favorite space opera set in a galaxy far, far away. Just last month, word came out that there’ll be three new movies soon – one about the Jedi’s origins, a film about Rey’s new Jedi Order, and the culmination of everything that’s happening in the Mandoverse. While the plans have already been set for The Mandalorian and its related projects on Disney Plus, there’s absolutely room for Ke Huy Quan in the other two projects.

It isn’t hard to imagine Quan as an established and experienced Force user in both the Origins project and Rey’s new Jedi Order. The Indiana Jones star and Oscar winner is certainly well-versed in action roles, as seen in Everything Everywhere All At Once. Hand him a lightsaber and the usage of the Force, and Star Wars fans will see the fan-favorite actor own every scene he’ll be in.

4. Professor X

It’s no secret that Marvel’s merry band of mutants will make their way to the big screen soon. While there are a lot of actors popping up to play Charles Xavier, getting Quan to play the X-Men’s founder will definitely generate a lot of buzz online.

Although Quan can be seen as someone with a kinetic and neurotic sense of energy whenever he’s on screen, just imagine toning it down a bit and taking the use of his legs away. With a father-like presence that can potentially work well with teenagers, Quan’s hypothetical casting as Professor X will turn heads toward this highly-anticipated film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3. Starfleet Captain in Star Trek

For some, Star Trek has always been second to Star Wars. Even if that’s the case, the wealth of stories found in this franchise over the years can’t be denied at all. The thing is, Patrick Stewart is getting older, and the films don’t have any actor to spearhead the franchise into the upcoming years. Again, the Everything Everywhere All At Once star can potentially fill this lead actor-sized role.

Whether it’s a series on any streaming service or a possible trilogy, casting Quan to become Star Trek’s new Starfleet Captain can generate enough noise to infuse the franchise with life. Surround him with compelling characters and place him in a story that will test his talents, and you’ve got a concept that can stand on its own legs. Add Quan’s experience in doing action scenes and his unique ay of connecting to viewers and you’ve got a captain that can bring a new dimension to the Star Trek franchise.

2. Benoit Blanc’s nemesis in Knives Out

As compared to most roles on this list, and contrary to Quan’s appearance as a good guy, there’s certainly room for the Oscar winner to play an antagonist. Rather than get him as a one-dimensional villain in the MCU or James Gunn’s upcoming DC Universe reboot, having Quan as Benoit Blanc’s nemesis in a Knives Out movie makes more sense.

Rian Johnson’s two hit movies – the original Knives Out and Glass Onion – have made such an impact on viewers, thanks to its charismatic lead in Daniel Craig and a refreshing detective story at the center of it all. What this franchise needs, though, is a Moriarty to Blanc’s Sherlock Holmes. Quan can step in, play the part, and give audiences an out-of-the-box antagonist to make things more exciting. With Johnson’s mind and Craig’s talent backing any Knives Out sequel, there are a lot of great possibilities if Quan joins in on the fun as a bad guy.

1. The new face of the Indiana Jones franchise

While seeing Ke Huy Quan as a Jedi Master or be part of the MCU is exciting enough, taking the reins of the Indiana Jones franchise from Harrison Ford makes the most sense of them all. The Han Solo actor won’t be able to play the character down the line, and there are few names in Hollywood worthy enough to fill in his shoes. The powers-that-be need not stress themselves out in finding a new guy because Quan has what it takes to steer the franchise to new heights.

Since he’s already an established character in Indiana Jones, there’s no need to make a lengthy introduction about who he is. And since Short Round is no Indiana Jones, there’ll be no pressure for the character to emulate what Ford has done with it. This means Quan has the freedom to make Short Round into a well-rounded character and fans won’t confuse him as another Indiana Jones knockoff. If done right, Quan can potentially bring success to the said franchise.

With Quan on top of the world right now, he has the freedom to choose whatever role there is to take in Hollywood. Here’s hoping the Everything Everywhere All At Once star will deliver his success to whatever franchise he’s going to join.

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