Charlotte Flair draws a surprise challenger from a former World Champion

After 14 reigns with a world title, Charlotte Flair has pretty much faced off against any performer one can think of within the WWE Universe.

Becky Lynch? Been there, done that over 300 times if you count tag team matches. Rhea Ripley? That’s happened, too, most recently at WrestleMania 39. Heck, outside of NXT stars like Tiffany Stratton, you’d be hardpressed to find a woman on the WWE roster who hasn’t mixed it up with the “Queen.”

And yet, there is a former Women’s World Champion who would love to have her first-ever match with Flair; the only problem is she doesn’t work for WWE: Dr. Britt Baker DMD.

Stopping by Mark Andrews’ My Love Letter to Wrestling to help promote All In, Baker was asked about her dream matches for the Wembley Stadium show and identified a pair of performers who she would love to mix it up with, with the “Queen” at the top of her list.

“One of my best friends in the whole world is Deonna Purrazzo. Crossing a forbidden door that is definitely someone I would kill to have a match with, not let alone at Wembley Arena. Then let’s go to the other forbidden door, the other way. I always say I would love to have a match with Charlotte Flair. I think she’s one of the best that’s ever done it, and people, no matter what you say about her, she’s always proving people wrong. I think she is very admirable. Her attitude, her poise, it’s everything about her I looked up to.”

Now granted, is there any way Paul “Triple H” Levesque would actually open the Forbidden Door to allow Baker and Flair to hit the mat? No, probably not; if AEW and WWE were ever to do a co-promoted event, it would almost certainly be on a show promoted by the latter, with mentions of Tony Khan’s company being severely limited a la Mickie James’ appearances in the Women’s Royal Rumble. Still, the prospect of Charlotte Flair vs. Britt Baker is intriguing, even if it will have to be relegated to fantasy bookings moving forward.

Britt Baker reveals her feelings about AEW coming to the UK.

Elsewhere in her appearance on My Love Letter to Wrestling with Mark Andrews, Britt Baker was asked about just how important it is to bring AEW to the UK after four years of fans begging to see their favorite SuperStars debut across the pond. In the opinion of professional wrestling’s favorite dentist, this show is a big deal for all fans, but especially those in the UK who have been criminally overlooked by AEW. All in, in a way, is Tony Khan’s love letter to wrestling.

“I would say yes. Even more so, maybe because we’ve never been there. We’ve never been to the UK as a company as a whole,” Baker said. “So it’s a new territory, and it’s the biggest stage you could ask to perform on. So it’s huge. I mean, if you had told me when I signed my AEW contract that we would be wrestling in a nearly sold-out Wembley, I would say You’re absolutely insane. I thought 10,000 people were crazy. If I had never wrestled again in front of more than 10,000 people, I would’ve been thrilled. It was the coolest thing in the world to me. And it just keeps growing and growing. But we’re feeling the pressure of this one too. We wanna have the greatest show we’ve ever done because there’s gonna be so many eyes on this, we wanna have a great first impression. So it’s, it’s everything you said and then some.”

Asked how she learned about the show, Baker admitted that she wasn’t exactly in on the plan early on, as TK and company even kept the concept secret from the former AEW Women’s World Champion.

“So, just to show you how naive I was, I went with Tony Khan and Orange Cassidy to Wembley to watch the [Jacksonville] Jaguars play the [Denver] Broncos. And I thought we were just there to have a good time. There was not once did I think there was any particular reason we were taking pictures together at Wembley and that I would probably have a really good reason to post these pictures in a couple of months. Literally never. I didn’t even think twice about it. And then as time went on, we started hearing rumblings about it, and then I think back to that trip, and I was like, wait a second, wait a second. So, uh, yeah, now, of course, everybody knows, but I would say it, it was kept pretty hush-hush up until like the week that everybody found out of the week that you guys found out. We really didn’t know. It was really kept secret.”

Will All In go down as AEW’s signature event? Will the show, which may end up having 80,000 fans packed into Wembley Stadium, surpass all expectations and set a new benchmark for international Pay-Per-Views, or will it come up short of the incredible expectations? Fans will have to tune in next month to find out, even if Charlotte Flair won’t be in attendance.

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